Vince Gudino, drummer for the emo/alt-rock band We're No Gentlemen

Vince Gudino


Born and raised in Southern California, Vince started playing drums at the age of 13. During middle school, Vince played the snare drum for the school band as well as playing cymbals for the Long Beach City Marching Band. Later, when his uncle gifted him a Pearl Export series drum set, Vince began to practice playing songs by his favorite drummers, such as Trey Cool and Travis Barker. As Vince’s passion for drums grew, so did his urge to play in a band.

Upon finishing school, Vince played in various original projects, but after several consecutive band break-ups, he decided to start from scratch and create his own band, which was the inception of We’re No Gentlemen. Vince is truly the OG-WNG!

Amanda Gabel, lead singer for the emo/alt-rock band We're No Gentlemen

Amanda Gabel

lead vocals

Amanda grew up in Vancouver, Washington where she attended the magnet art school The Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. As a senior in high school, Amanda moved to Seal Beach, California and attended Los Alamitos High. During that year, Amanda was in three different award-winning show choir ensembles. The choir’s many victories led them to perform at the Show Choir Nationals at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Amanda was a member of a vocal trio that helped to catapult the Los Alamitos team to take the title at the national competition.

After high school, Amanda went on to college and applied for an internship with Century Media Records. After completing the internship, Amanda determined to take everything she had learned while working at the record label and apply it to her own music career. It was then that she answered an ad to audition for We’re No Gentlemen and met Vince Gudino. Ever since, Amanda and Vince have worked together tirelessly to forge their vision of the band We’re No Gentlemen.

Danny Knapp, bass guitarist for emo/alt-rock band We're No Gentlemen

Danny Knapp

bass guitar, backing vocals

Danny, aka “The Melonhead”, grew up in Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona. Although self-taught, he started performing and recording in studios professionally when he was 16 years old. Danny has toured and recorded with a diverse range of bands and musical artists, including Feedbags (with Scotty Johnson of Gin Blossoms), actress/songwriter Katie Garfield, and the ska/alt-rock band The Bredren, including former members of Lit, Save Ferris, and Jeffries Fan Club.

A few years before Danny joined We’re No Gentlemen, Amanda was his fitness trainer at a gym in Huntington Beach, California. During workout sessions, Danny and Amanda would often discuss each other’s music careers and current projects. Danny quickly became a fan of WNG and went to several of their concerts. The Melonhead even made an appearance as an audience member in the music video for “Promises”. In August 2019, Danny filled-in on bass for We’re No Gentlemen at a crucial show because their bassist was unavailable while out of the country. Later that same year, when WNG’s bass guitarist decided to retire from the music industry, Amanda and Vince invited Danny to officially join We’re No Gentlemen.

Alex Messano, guitarist for alt-rock/emo band We're No Gentlemen

Alex Messano

guitar, backing vocals

Alex grew up on the East Coast, playing in bands all throughout his school years. At age 19, Alex made the move out west, where he became a fixture of the Los Angeles area music scene, as well as branching out to Orange County and Las Vegas. Alex performed regularly in legendary venues such as the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach and The Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip. Among the many all-night jam sessions at The Rainbow (where many legendary bands have formed) Alex met Danny.

Over the next couple of years, Alex and Danny performed together on several occasions as hired guns for other artists. In 2021, when WNG found themselves in need of a great all-around guitarist, Danny knew exactly who would fit the bill, and reached out to recruit Alex.