New Cover Song Coming Soon!

A pandemic can’t hold us down! We got to record a new cover song at For The Record studios, with the amazing producer “E”, who’s worked with everyone from No Doubt and Save Ferris to Thrice. We can’t wait to announce the release date for this new song in early 2021.

Streaming on Takeover Live

Hey everyone! We’re No Gentlemen is ready to make some noise and YOU can stream/tune in from ANYWHERE in the comfort of your own home! Thanks to April Karstadt and Benjamin Harper of YELLOWCARD (*someone pinch me) for believing in us! We’re stoked to be one of the VERY first bands chosen to perform in their new sound studio, “Takeover Live.”
We’ve been working hard, not only on our usual, full band set but we will be including an exclusive ACOUSTIC set as well!

Please purchase your tickets for only:
❤ $2.99 ❤ in advance to stream our live set 9/19 at 8pm (Pacific time) ONLINE-Facebook

Fresh Merch

Our shop is now has fresh swag to commemorate our release of third EP, Heartbeat/Heartbreak as well as our next single, “Queen of the Misfits”.